World Saree Day – World Saree Date, Bengaluru
January 1, 2016
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World Saree Day – World Saree Date, Bengaluru

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Bengaluru: In 2015 a movement started on social media with women in sarees – all pacters on the #100sareepact

So who are these photo clicking, selfie taking, seemingly vain women, and men, who have embraced the pact?

A Pulmonologist who has her own hospital in Vizag, a woman in Norway with the largest IT outsourcing company draped her sarees proudly as her identity, a cancer survivor who has fought for dignity at security checks for amputees who need to wear prosthetic limbs, a dancer who honours her mother’s tradition and memory by wearing her lucky saree a homemaker who admits that being on the pact has helped her deal with her depression, a research fellow studying the cultural impact of the saree, a photographer, who has captured images of women in sarees working in predominantly male dominated occupations and made a strong statement for acceptance.

Then there are women who work with weavers and artisans to better their skills and have brought the story of craft to the platform. A baker, a lawyer, a designer, teachers, an architect, a woman who works tirelessly to counsel families and patients to live with their new normal after cancer, a radio jockey, a journalist, a blogger, a banker, a story teller, an author, a singer, a curator, a scientist, they all joined in one by one.

There are IT professionals, entrepreneurs, young girls starting their careers in sarees, others wearing their mother’s saree to honour them. A mother used the platform to spread awareness on autism. Daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers and friends have all been featured. Only one thing bound them together in the pact was it’s positivity.

These sareepacters will continue to engage in a meaningful manner through the years to celebrate themselves &  with each other to build a narrative of their lives through the medium of the saree. These are ordinary women, and men, telling the stories of the extraordinary moments of their lives at




  1. Sri
    Sri January 02, 16:05
    Wonderful article.. three cheers to all the gorgeous women who made the #100Sareepact so enjoyable and meaningful.. and many thanks to Anju and Ally for making it happen!!
  2. kannie
    kannie January 02, 16:39
    Nice to see all the sari lovers

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